5 ways to promote your business on Instagram


Posting everyday but seeing no action? Promoting your products but seeing no results? Yes, I know it’s frustrating and annoying and the reason why so many business owners give up using Instagram for business but before you give up, read on. After spending the last three years creating a following of over 30k followers I’ve made mistakes – plenty of them – and that’s why I wanted to share a few of my favourite what not to do’s so that you don’t have make the mistakes I did:


• Don’t rush it. Creating a community takes time. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to grow your account FAST and unless you’re really willing to put in the work that’s not going to happen. Building a loyal following takes time, effort and hard work. The more you put in the more you get out.


• You’re using the wrong hashtags. Hashtags are super powerful and can help your content go viral IF you’re using the right hashtags! Hashtags are simply ways for you to be found. Using the right ones will allow you to put yourself in front of the best, most engaging audience and it can be a game changer for your business.


• Think about who you follow. Following everyone who follows you is not necessary. Ask yourself, is this your ideal client? Do you want to build a relationship with them? Do they share content you love? If not, don’t bother following them. All you are doing is filling your feed with content you don’t want to see, meaning you could potentially be missing content you do want to see!


• You’re trying too hard. Sometimes you just need to relax. Stop stressing and look at the evidence of what’s working. Do your followers love your inspirational quotes or funny memes, then post more of those. Building a following on Instagram is about giving your followers what THEY want not necessarily what YOU want. So rather than creating tonnes of content, throwing it out and wishing for the best, look at what’s worked previously and if you’re just starting out give it time. Within a month you will soon be able to see what your followers prefer. This doesn’t mean ONLY post that one type of content but it is a good indication of the type of content your followers enjoy.


• You need to engage with your audience. When people schedule posts they think the hard work is done. But this is just where the work starts. Creating content is one thing but engaging with your audience, having conversations, and showing an interest is where the magic happens. Spend time once your post is shared to engage with your ideal clients. Think about the hashtags they’re using (or the location they’re in ) and go engage on their posts. Spending 15 minutes per day finding five new accounts will make a huge difference in your engagement and following.


For more support in growing your business using Instagram check out the website www.immortalmonkey.co.uk.

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