Being successful in business is all about mindset and drive


Daunting, scary and unobtainable – that is how I used to describe the prospect of starting my own business. Now, I am about to move to Spain for three months before I shoot off to Thailand in the New Year and I own my own company and have made more money than I ever thought possible.


A few years ago I was stuck behind a desk at a job I wasn’t particularly passionate about. I had earned the nickname ‘Thrifty Crumps’ because I never indulged in Starbucks coffees or Pret lunches like my colleagues did. I was always careful with money because I never had much of it.


Then I made the drastic decision to pack it all in and travel the world. As well as experiencing those Instagram moments and having my fair share of beach cocktails, it was while living out of a backpack in South America that I made the leap and started my own business.


I had never really thought owning my business was a realistic goal but sitting in a Peruvian plant healing ceremony – of all places – is where I decided to start freelancing and I began my journey as a social media manager. It was something I was good at and enjoyed, and, even better, I could do it with little more than a laptop, mobile phone and some hotel WiFi.


‘I never believed I could be a business owner. I didn’t think it was possible for someone like me who never went to university’


But it was when I returned to the UK in 2017 that the business really took off and Social Cactus began evolving into what it is today. It is a coaching business specialising in business and mindset for other coaches and businesswomen. Through Social Cactus and with the support of my amazing team, we have been able to help over 300 powerful women. I am a qualified neurolinguistic programmer and mindset coach and self-professed positivity queen, and I believe having the mindset I do, is what has made Social Cactus a six-figure business.


I never believed I could be a business owner. I didn’t think it was possible for someone like me who never went to university but being my own boss means I live life on my own terms and can make a huge impact by supporting other women in growing their own business. I’ve been able to make more money than I ever thought possible and feel happier than I’ve ever felt.


Mastering mindset work was critical to me overcoming the doubts I had in my ability and having a coach or mentor to point out where I was holding back was invaluable. It’s always worth taking a risk; there’s no such thing as failing in business, only learning. At the start of the pandemic I lost almost all of my clients in the space of a week. But it was how I moved forward from that which turned 2021 into my most successful year yet.  My fiance Chris has now also joined the business as a partner to top it all off.


There are opportunities everywhere and while we are conditioned to believe that starting a business is only for the lucky few, you can absolutely be an entrepreneur if you have the drive and desire to give it a go.




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