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Áine Homer, founder of The Baby Reflux, brings clarity and confidence to the confusion and contradictions that surround baby reflux. She is the voice of unsettled babies, an advocate for parents and caregivers, an activist for changing how baby reflux is treated across the world, and an educator of professionals who want to learn how they can support their babies better.

Her greatest gift to the world is in translating a baby's symptoms and behaviours into understanding and action. Showing us where to take action, how to free them from reflux and colic, and manage any allergies or intolerances.

Through The Baby Reflux Lady’s Survival Guide, and online courses Áine teaches parents how to read their baby’s symptoms, figure out what is causing their baby’s reflux (because reflux is a symptom and has multiple different causes) and then take that one action that is going to change their lives, because it addresses the underlying cause of their baby’s reflux.

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