Expert Biography

Alberto Testa is a criminologist and internationally recognised Far-Right Expert. He specialises in Far-Right Terrorism & Far-Right Football Hooliganism.

Expertise areas:

Far Right extremism , terrorism
Racism – Antisemitism & Islamophobia
(Far Right) Football Hooliganism , Ultras

Selected Media Contributions ((For all media contributions see )

Alberto Testa; The New York Times: London Police Officer Convicted of Membership in Neo-Nazi Group Ultras (April, 2021).

Alberto Testa; Politiken (leading Danish daily broadsheet newspaper): Ultras and Riots in Italy (November, 2020).

Alberto Testa; Daily Record investigation: Sinister Nazi group hide blades behind stickers in Scotland-wide horror hate campaign (October, 2020).

Alberto Testa; LBC Radio show with Andrew Castle : Glasgow stabbings & Far-Right propaganda (June, 2020).

Alberto Testa; SKY NEWS : English Premier League club Burnley's condemnation of a "White Lives Matter" banner that flew over the Etihad Stadium (June, 2020).

Alberto Testa; LBC Radio show with Ian Payne : Trafalgar Square Protests hijacked by groups intent on "creating chaos," says Professor of Criminology (June, 2020).

Alberto Testa; Daily Record investigation: Satanic Neo-Nazi group which advocates human sacrifice and rape is operating in Scotland. (May, 2020)

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  • Criminologist, Far-Right Expert
  • Far-right, terrorism, extremism, racism
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