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After nearly 30 years as a journalist, I am now a novelist and historian. I specialise in finding and telling the stories of the women who have been lost to history. My novels, The Marquess House Saga - Book One: The Catherine Howard Conspiracy; Book Two: The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy; Book Three: The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy; (short story) The Weeping Lady Conspiracy and Book Four: The Jane Seymour Conspiracy (to be published in 2022), are split timeline thrillers. However, the historical sections are based on facts and real women from history, not just the eponymous women. My new series The Wind Chime and The Music Makers moves to the Victorian era. All books published by Sapere Books.

Through my research for these works, I have discovered the hidden voices of women throughout history, which I am trying to bring to the fore. Half of history is missing, the female half.


Please feel free to ask me about history, writing, the lost voices of women and their importance. The Tudor and Victorian eras are my particular areas of expertise.

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