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Hi! I am Ali, Mum to two fizzy kids who have emotional and learning difficulties. After years of trying (and failing) to parent them in the way I was parented, I finally discovered a new parenting path.

The radical change came in the form of learning a new parenting language - a language that spoke to the big feelings and big behaviours that were being presented as a result of my kids' special and emotional needs.

I read all about therapeutic parenting, gentle parenting, intentional parenting and mindful parenting.  I went on courses about autistic kids and kids with attachment difficulties.  I listened to podcasts on the importance of consequences and strategies for dealing with bad behaviour.  But none of these things gave me anything concrete to try differently and none of them were helping the chaos and emotional distress in my home.

What we say and how we say things to our fizzy kids can have a dramatic impact on not just their behaviours but ours as well.  Parenting and caring for fizzy kids with learning disabilities, special needs or behavioural issues can be utterly exhausting and draining.  Learning phrases and words that help us deal with difficult situations can be the key to helping us as parents stay regulated and also help our kids to become more regulated.

In a nutshell, I help parents and carers learn to stop saying 'CALM DOWN!' and improve their (and their child's) mental health and emotional stability.

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