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The Group Hug is the "mumsnet" of the divorce, separation and bereavement world. I started the community when I was going through my own divorce, I set-up a facebook group called "The First Wives Club" and when I was through with my ex and the endless court proceedings, it evolved into The Group Hug and what you see today, which continues to grow month on month.

The Group Hug is all about connecting those who are going through tough times with those experts who can help, such as coaches, family solicitors, financial advisers, counsellors etc..

My background is as a Senior Recruitment Consultant in West London, so I know all about matching people to jobs.

The last ten years have been interesting. I was on the committee organising The Conservative Party Summer Party at The Hurlingham Club in 2016 as I was left homeless with two children.  I also had a very interesting evening at The old Vic Tunnels in 2014, meeting Bill Clinton at his fundraiser - the party was dubbed as "The Worst Party Ever" - it was a pretty awful venue.

My ex is a controlling Italian Marquis. When I'd had enough of his Mother being the third person in the marriage, he couldn't handle the rejection and told me he would throw me into the gutter. He then made my children and I homeless (we lived in a garage for three months and from there I took them to their fancy private schools he still paid for so he could strut around).

Born in Kettering in 1974, I know all about resilience, so although a little bruised by the experience, I soon set to work to make a new life for myself and here I am today, showing others that life can begin after divorce or any other sad life experience. There is no point being the victim. You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and make a new life around what you have been left with.

In the past few months I have appeared on ITV News with my "lockdown gym", Channel 5 news talking about homeschooling, Woman's Own - talking about how I let my children learn about finances by allowing them to make their own mistakes and "feeling it" and The Telegraph several times speaking about various issues.

I always respond swiftly to journo request as I am aware of the tight deadlines having myself studied Media Techniques and Journalism for two years at college - many moons ago!


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