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Alister is one of the UK’s most trusted and in demand Executive Leadership Coaches and is the Founder of Mindful Talent. Following a career in marketing and global corporate recruitment, Alister found himself lost in many ways. Battling with anxiety, stress, overwhelm and insomnia he took a leap of faith to find a new, more fulfilling path. Following his gut instinct, Alister quit his job, gave up the security, safety and salary that came with it and after six months travelling and experiencing a profound spiritual awakening, he retrained as a life coach (gaining the Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice, a professional qualification accredited by the Association for Coaching) and a meditation guide (Connected Kids Meditation Training by Lorraine Murray). From this moment, Alister found his purpose. Driven by a strong desire to inspire people and leave a positive imprint on the world, Alister founded Mindful Talent in 2015 and is now helping CEO’s, Founders and Senior Executives to find inner-peace and alignment. “It was like a light being turned on and I knew my life was about to move in a different direction, the desire to change myself was so strong. The desire to change the world around me and to leave a positive imprint became everything, it became my purpose."

About Mindful Talent

Mindful Talent is a world leading performance coaching company helping individuals and organisations globally to optimise performance and wellbeing. Through a unique blend of expert coaching fusing neuroscience, psychology, meditation, intuition and healing Mindful Talent is on a mission to help people and organisations around the world grow and thrive. All backed by an energy and desire to influence the world to be a more positive place.

Founded in October 2015 by Alister Gray, Mindful Talent has quickly grown into one of the most trusted and in demand coaching and human development companies in the market today. With a highly skilled and experienced team of experts at the helm, together they work to deliver innovative coaching, breathwork and meditation programmes. Used by many of the world’s leading brands and CEO’s, their impressive client base includes Google, Nike, Tesco, Sky, Virgin, Lululemon, Standard Chartered, JP Morgan, GHD, Heineken and many more.

At Mindful Talent, the focus is on creating alignment within individuals and organisations by connecting them to a greater purpose and a deeper sense of self. The Mindful Talent ‘tribe’ all work to collectively spread the Mindful Talent ethos of human-connection, inner and outer alignment, peace, joy, happiness, fulfilment and love.  They believe that every human has an unlimited amount of potential and their aim is to help as many people as possible unlock their potential to realise their own greatness. Through coaching programmes, Workshops & Events and a world leading training academy (see notes to editors for full list of services) Mindful Talent is helping people to look within, break through self-limiting beliefs and experience the true beauty of life. The results are life changing, they not only improve productivity to create high performing work forces, they also inspire businesses and leaders to make more conscious decisions, impacting organisations, families, community, society and our planet in a truly profound way.

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