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Background snapshot:

Coming from a poor background, the only way I could afford to travel was to get into the travel industry! Luckily I was promoted up from ‘tea girl’ to Director (took a few years!) at the UK’s No.1 Holiday Company.

My love for building inner confidence, pushing people out of their comfort zone and seeing dramatic change - coupled with a very spooky move into coaching - resulted in  me becoming a qualified coach . So after many years, I decided to travel in a very different direction - into the minds of other people.


I am founder and MD of WalkAhead Ltd, a performance coaching business, and focusing on personal coaching with me only.

A born and bred, proud Yorkshire girl, but in demand nationally – I'm usually in London twice a week. I'm down to earth, still make the tea wherever I go and have affectionately been named ‘The Spotlight Coach’ – because most of the people I coach are in it, or want to be.

Over the years, I have been featured in various types of local and national media (E.G. Talk Radio, BBC5Live, Mail online, Mirror Group, Woman Mag, Bliss Mag) talking about subjects related to Celebrities/Influencers/Royals/Sport stars/Pressure of the Spotlight and issues related to low self esteem, managing what's going on in your head and having the confidence to be who you are.


Examples of coaching:

In Business: Developing managers into leaders .Coach and mentor at Director/CEO/Chairman level.

In Sport: Managing the psychology /pressure of performance in Premiership football, top level Rugby  and in world class Golf.

In Showbiz: Building confidence, managing stress and handling life in the spotlight with Singers /Performers/TV Personalities.


I'm an expert in:

How to handle pressure (and life), in the Spotlight.

Finding your unique talent/strengths and having the confidence to stand out

Understanding body language - and what's really being said.

Driving personal and business performance from good to outstanding

The life changing art of managing your mind, and behaviour.


Style of coaching:  

I'm  a very experienced, but that doesn’t mean ‘traditional’ coach and I reckon there is very little I haven't heard – or dealt with already.

My style is informal, conversational and practical - using psychology and various coaching techniques is my thing, but talking psychobabble isn’t. I often break the coaching rules. Oh and without my mug of tea, I'm useless.



  • Certificate and Diploma in Coaching
  • Qualified Dale Carnegie Coach
  • Expertise in Public Speaking and Body Language
  • Member of the Association for Coaching
  • Over 20 years experience as a coach
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  • 07801663779
  • Coach - People under pressure/In the Spotlight
  • Body language, Confidence, Mind Psychology