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Angela is the founder of Angel Rated, a female online entrepreneur, online business growth strategist, podcast host, certified health coach and travel blogger.

Angel Rated is an independent directory and user review site focused on the products and services most frequently used by female online business owners. The first website of its kind, it helps female online entrepreneurs find the perfect tool, course or person for the next stage of their growth, in a time-efficient and informed manner.

Described as ‘the TripAdvisor of the online business community’, Angel Rated was founded by Angela in 2019. Angela identified that there was nowhere for her to read independent reviews of the software, courses and coaches she wanted feedback on, so she created this unique resource.

Angela's mission is to help other online entrepreneurs find the perfect person, program or platform for the next stage of their business growth. She created Angel Rated to help others cut through the hype of affiliate reviews and polished testimonials, and to prevent them from wasting time and money on unsuitable products.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Professional: Women in business – Female entrepreneurs – Launching an online business – Podcasting / Starting a podcast – Business strategy /processes for growth – Choosing the best business tools – Laptop lifestyle / Digital nomad / Location independence – Health Coaching
  • Personal: Wild outdoor winter swimming – Singing in a choir – Travel / Flashpacking – Health and wellness – Veganism – Alcohol-free – Sustainability / sustainable lifestyles – Child-free – Midlife crisis / corporate burnout

Angela's Story

Angela began her career in the corporate world after she graduated with a degree in Maths and a Masters in Operational Research from Southampton University. She spent four years at British Airways before moving on to work at Vodafone for seven years. This was followed by six years leading a sustainability consultancy and a climate change charity.

In 2012 Angela made the decision to leave the corporate world; establishing several online businesses. During this time, she qualified as a Health coach and in 2016, founded the UK Health Coaches Association as the professional governing body for health and wellness coaching in the UK.

Angela has always been a frequent traveller and in recent years has alternated between working in the UK for an 18-month stretch before travelling for 6-months. To date, Angela and her husband Mark have visited 47 countries between them, and have launched a blog documenting their ongoing adventures.

In 2017, while travelling and building a health coaching business, Angela identified a lack of unbiased, unedited feedback on the various tools and courses she required as a business owner. From there, the idea of creating a single trustworthy website to collate information and reviews was born.

Angel Rated is also home to a blog and podcast. The blog features meticulously researched guides, all personally curated by Angela, to the digital products and courses that are available. The podcast, The Angel Rated Show, shares interviews with the people behind the products and services most often used by online business owners.

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