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Monkey Music – a leading light in pre-school premium music education in the UK is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Angie Coates.  Angie used her passion for music, having studied at the Guild Hall with stars of our stage and screen, to build a hugely successful business and subsequently franchised it in order to scale up the brand nearly 30 years ago.  Each week, over 700 hours of classes are taught to more than 20,000 children across the length and breadth of the country.  Monkey Music has been a rite of passage for hundreds of thousands of young families throughout the country. Over 2.4 million hours of classes have been taught by teachers who have sung their way to a combined revenue of more than £40 million.

Angie Coates is also passionate about finding flexibility in your business life to enjoy your home life.  Whilst hard work and determination made Monkey Music the success that it is, Angie has always maintained a balance.  As a mother of 5 she understands the need to carve time but says “I believe following your passion in life is the best driver for a successful business”.  As one of the first woman to franchise a business in the UK, Angie also understands scalability.  Having a brilliant idea is sometimes not enough and a platform to expand and grow it means that your creativity can become a livelihood.  Regularly speaking on all things business, expansion, brand-building and nurturing creative talent Angie is lucky enough to live and breathe Monkey Music with joy, even after all these years!

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