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Wanting to talk about books, personal libraries, decluttering or tsundoku?

After 25 years working for public organisations, and writing the core textbook on documenting collections, Practical Cataloguing, I now run a consultancy helping businesses sort out their metadata, delivering training courses to heritage professionals, and organising people's books and papers.

Most of my private clients are writers and artists who either want to deposit their papers and libraries in national collections or to ensure their inheritance is planned in a way that their families don't have the added worry of looking after their legacy.

Increasingly interested in dementia, as Creatives with large collections and who are living with dementia face additional challenges in decluttering, organising and planning for the future of their belongings.

Reasearch and reading services to authors have included providing information on how a character might have become a librarian in the first place and verifying the challenges faced by women seen as placeholders for male library staff in World War II. For obvious reasons, most work of this kind is confidential, but bestselling novelist Fanny Black included me in her acknowledgements for A Summer Reunion (Orion, 2019), writing, "My thanks go to […] Anne Welsh and Rebecca Jones who helped me understand more about librarianship" (p. 305). I'm always happy to chat library history and library life today and to help writers ensure they create believable situations and characters.

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