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Anneve loves helping professionals escape corporate life and start their own consultancy business.

Having been forced to escape corporate life as an airline marketing executive in 2006 by the demands of a young family, Anneve started her own marketing and web consultancy.

In 2012 she joined forces with PR and content expert Emma Tarring and together they started The Marketing Matrix, a consultancy devoted to helping create and grow consultancy businesses.

The idea of starting your own business is daunting, especially when you're comfortably trapped by the golden handcuffs of a good job with a salary and benefits, but if you reach the point where corporate life doesn't suit you any more, whether that's because you value your time and freedom or because your health or family needs more of your attention, then it's best to plan ahead rather than find yourself on the outside without the support and infrastructure that you become used to in a corporate job.

There are five essential steps to work through before you tunnel to freedom, which will help bridge the gap between life as an employee and as a premium, independent consultant.

We can help journalists covering stories about:

- starting a business after redundancy

- managing family life and running your own business

- starting a business to help manage ill-health

- growing consultancy businesses

- managing 'imposter syndrome'

- finding your 'business genius zone'

- becoming a successful 'corporate escape artist'

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