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Beverley Jones describes 2009 as her annus horribilis; a year that saw her crash out of her 30 years corporate career diagnosed burnout which showed itself with depression and severe anxiety. Her ‘burnout period’ lasted a year, and in August 2010 she opened the doors to her coaching business, Awaken. Since then she has to travel a (not always easy) journey to recovery, she now lives a simple life in South Wales (where she lives with her partner, who incidentally was her first boyfriend in 1980!) having had 22 house moves in 24 years.  Beverley enjoys a simple life that flows with less stress and helps others do the same. 

Beverley’s often dark burnout experience has led her to now help others through her burnout mentoring and business consultancy. In 2012 hear book Made It Thru the Rain was published chronicling her journey through her experience.  It’s through these avenues that she continues to help many others with their mindset and help them to understand that riches start within and not in the material, physical world. I

Beverley is now also the author of many ebooks including: Financial Well-Being and it's link to Mental Health Bullying and it's link to Mental Health If you think you can you can,  Stop the Stress and Grow your Business plus  7  Signs you are not Coping- available on her website

Beverley has  been featured on / in: The Huffington Post, Positive News, Box Human, South Wales Argus, BBC Radio Wales, Good Housekeeping, The Daily Telegraph, Platinum, Yours and The Daily Mail,


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