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Before becoming a coach, Bhavya rarely spoke up for what she wanted. She had to delve deep to turn around her internal dialogue and clean up her act. She started coaching a mixture of business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, domestic goddesses and returning-to-work Mums – on how they could do the same.

Bhavya is a coach with a difference. She says : ‘Creating a safe environment that is free from judgement and immaterial opinions motivates us to make important changes that will ultimately propel our growth.’ Bhavya’s coaching style requires clients to come ‘to the table’ ready to move from A to B, ready to commit to decisions and follow through, and to welcome change. She presents a ‘no-nonsense’ approach, which is practical and gets to work fast, adding value to your life by creating awareness.The ability to turn dreams into reality is right there in front of us. Bhavya introduces clients to adaptability, flexibility, perseverance, resilience, self-acceptance, self-care and the power to say ‘No’ to guilt free.

As Bhavya points out: ‘The power to succeed and overcome the hurdles of life must come from within, then that power is yours for life.’

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