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I have lived in South Africa ,USA and London since 2000. Starting out my career as a dietitian, I then qualified as a Licensed Psychotherapist  specialising in systemic therapy with individuals, couples and families.

In 2000 my partner and I set up TheP4Group for working with the human side of business in corporate settings. Out of this sprung our intensive couples intervention program. Glenn Barruw -,Ph.D Behavioural Psychotherapist/Cognitive Behaviour Therapist- will work with the male/ or one of the couple, while I work with the female and then we work intensively through joint sessions.

I approach every person with the same passion. I see therapy as an opportunity to understand the jigsaw puzzle of your life. Learning what triggers you and why, how to change the repetitive patterns and behaviours, and learning about anger/depression/anxiety/or whatever it is that affects you and your life.

Having spent 10 years qualifying as a psychotherapist I am constantly updating my knowledge. I am a member of the BACP,

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  • Couples, intimacy, life change
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