Expert Biography

Cath Harrison is Founder and Managing Director of JVP Group. Launched in 2014, JVP Group is an award-winning disruptor in the recruitment market, delivering online job advertising campaigns with employer brand marketing, along with time saving recruitment support, skills testing services and technology solutions.

Cath is available to discuss a range of employer related news topics including: 

  • Anything related to recruitment, and the recruiting process such as attracting applicants, and reviewing, selecting and interviewing candidates
  • Skills Shortage
  • Wellbeing at work
  • Employment news (rise / fall in unemployment, minimum wage changes etc.)
  • Brexit’s impact on employers / recruitment
  • COVID-19’s impact on employers / recruitment
Contact Expert
  • 01745 774 955
  • Managing Director
  • Recruitment, Employment, Job Market, Talent Attraction