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Claire Harris, the country’s leading expert on pet transport.

Claire Harris founder of Pets 2 Places, the UK’s first pet taxi franchise is the country’s leading expert on pet transport. Starting the service in her home town of Milton Keynes.

Claire Harris age 43 started Pets 2 Places in 2014, helping take pets and their owners to the vets, groomers and kennels, or anywhere else they need to go, even on holiday

Claire has achieved many accolades such as Women Leader of the year for starting her own company despite many challenges. Was invited to the House of Lords to celebrate on National Women’s Day for her contribution not just her community through her work, but her involvement in charity work.

Claire has gained many awards for Pets 2 Places including Best Pet Business of the Year 2019,and finalist at the Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF) awards sponsored by Natwest.



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Pets 2 Places take customers wherever it is they need to go. This could be the vets, groomers, kennels or even on holiday

Pets 2 Places began in 2014 in the founder’s home town of Milton Keynes.

Initially helping older less abled clients with their pets and offering a helping hand to the owner as well as the pets.

Whether the customer needs an arm to hold onto as they walk to the car, help with putting the cat in the basket or just someone to chat to whilst they are on their way.

Pets 2 Places help people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Wherever it is a customer requires to go with their pets, Pets 2 Places are on hand to take them

A unique service provider in the world of pet transport using a car so owners can sit with their animals. As well as only taking one pet and owner at a time, meaning 100% attention for each customer, and waiting whilst owners attend their appointment.




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