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Claire’s life turned upside down on 6th May 2007, when she became paralysed from a horse riding accident. Claire fractured her neck, dislocated her back, fractured ribs, punctured a lung and got pneumonia. Luckily, the neck fracture didn't damage the spinal cord but the dislocation to the vertebra T4 left her with no movement or sensation from the chest down. Claire was a Chiropractor and top level event rider when this freak accident left her unable to do the things she loved. Although Claire was determined from the start to make the best out of the situation, there were plenty of days Claire struggled to even get the motivation to get out of bed. She discharged herself from hospital after only 8 weeks (5-6 months was the expected length of stay), did a lot of rehab (and still does) and over time she found strength and courage to rebuild her life by finding new interests as well as raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for research. Claire made worldwide headlines in 2012, when she walked the London Marathon using a robotic suit, taking 17 days and raising £220k. She has taken on numerous fundraising events since then, including handcycling, motorcycling and flying. Claire has raised almost £800,000 to help cure paralysis, and will keep doing all she can so that one day paralysis isn't permanent. Along side this, she has a successful career as a motivational speaker, is a wife to Dan and mother to two girls.

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