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I am CEO & Founder of Money Saving Central

Our all-in-one UK based Money Saving Blog Features Money Advice, Flash Deals, Seasonal Picks, Sales information, Free Resources, and Tips on Saving & Making Money. We help people all over the UK to live Frugally, Save Money, and Cut Costs.

Having five children means Saving Money is absolutely pivotal to my family - and I'm really good at it, so I created MSC & built up this amazing money saving community.

I am a workaholic and you can find me most days glued to my laptop, writing articles for the blog, tweaking the website and hunting for deals! As well as running my web design company, cooking, cleaning, school runs, and all that other fun stuff!

I pride myself on genuine Savings & Deals with no compromise, I won't promote anything I don't 100% believe in, even if that means I don't get paid!

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