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Claudia-Sam supports ambitious happiness seekers who've lost sense of their purpose, who haven't learned put themselves first, who deep down know that they're here for a bigger reason and who are ready for a change! She helps them to put themselves at the top of their to-do list (without feeling unproductive), ditch the self-care guilt and flex their soul connection muscle so that they can be their own inner guides to fulfilment and happiness now, using her Tune-In method.

Claudia-Sam has a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies, has worked nearly 10 years for Canada's biggest media conglomerate and has 3 years of experience organizing and selling corporate circus events. Claudia-Sam has more than 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings & courses from all over the world (Canada, US, Europe, Indonesia, Nepal, New Zealand) and continues to transform her ways of Being and grow away from limiting beliefs, daily, with the support of her own coaches and expertise.

Claudia-Sam is originally from Montreal, Canada. She left her corporate career in 2016 after having panic attacks and burning out because she made a habit of putting her work ahead of her needs. She makes it a lifestyle to turn to her intuition when making decisions, prioritizes self-care instead of putting Work (and other people's needs) first, and chooses to live through emotions and fears fully so that she can evolve into her most fulfilled way of Being right now.

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