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My name is Connor Sephton. I'm a British journalist who specialises in covering the cryptocurrency sector, including:

  • Movements in Bitcoin's price (and the rest of the crypto market)
  • Rising interest among consumers
  • The companies starting to embrace digital assets
  • Bitcoin's use in cybercrime and ransomware attacks
  • Regulatory issues
  • Non-fungible tokens
  • Central bank digital currencies
  • Bitcoin's impact on the environment

As well as writing a weekly column on crypto news for Cointelegraph, I produce easy-to-understand, engaging articles for CoinMarketCap Alexandria, which are designed to appeal to beginners who have little knowledge about Bitcoin. I write CoinMarketCap's daily newsletter, too.

My goal is to explain cryptocurrencies simply — removing the technical jargon that can often be offputting for those who are interested in this space.

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  • Crypto journalist
  • Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Finance