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Having experienced an unexpected career shift after having my little girl, I am now on a mission to help other women so they have a choice about their careers after having children - rather than a push.

I was pushed. “ You can come back to work in your leadership role, but we need you to continue being full time.” - Were the words of my Headteacher.

I couldn’t see an alternative to be a present mum and be a leader - so I took a demotion and went part time.

looking back I now know it was my Impostor syndrome holding me back from making the choice - doubting my ability to have it all. I wanted to be a leader but also be a present mum.

Fast forward a few years, I became a teacher trainer and coach- I found my balance and a career which is aligned with my values. I retrained as a pure coach and found a way to tame my impostor phenomenon.


My mission is to help like minded, career driven mums to find that work life balance and remove their impostor too so they can thrive - Be a present mum, but also have a career, something for them.


Impostor phenomenon, mindset and happiness speaker

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  • Impostor phenomenon, mindset and happiness speaker