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A national recognized researcher and mental health professional, Candice Williams, Ph.D is a Texas native in Columbus, Ohio specializing in mental health counseling and sport performance. A Licensed Professional Counselor at The Ohio State University Athletics Department - Sports Psychology & Wellness Services she provides psychotherapy and wellness programing to student-athletes, coaches and athletic support staff. Previously, Dr. Williams served as a Program Manager for The Trust (Powered by the NFLPA). There, she assisted retired NFL players in all aspects of their transition following the success of their NFL career. As a mental health professional, not only does she lead with care, she embodies the spirit of service and advocacy while supporting the well-being of athletes. Her passions include developing player centric programs focused on athlete development and transition, content creation on mental health related topics, as well as providing preventative and responsive training to coaches, parents, mental health professionals, and athletics staff on the importance of athlete  mental health and wellness. ​Over the past 7 years, Dr. Williams has crafted a respected career and professional reputation supporting the personal and emotional development of athletes at various levels of their athletic careers. An experienced professional Dr. Williams is dedicated to building transformational relationships with stakeholders (i.e. athletes, coaches, sports medicine staff, sports performance staff) and developing innovative ways to foster access between athletes and mental health services. She has been featured in popular press publications such as Men's Health Magazine, NCAA Champion Magazine, and USA Today - Sports. Elevating the conversation on mental health related issues in the sports community is not only her passion, it's her life mission.

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