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I am a diverse and passionate Consultant Counselling Psychologist with publishing experience in the press as well as online publications  talking about sexuality, kink and festishes, addiction, psychopathy and domestic violence. I have a keen interest in the role of stress in the workplace and effect this has on physical health and well-being, and have other interests in sex therapy and relationships. I have experience in working in high secure facilities working with personality disorders in forensic populations and have additional experiences in the NHS  & Private Psychiatric Healthcare sectors. I have expertise in trauma and addictions, and have worked with the MOD & Intelligence community. My role as a psychologist currently involves private practice, running an online therapy service for NHS Wales and lecturing at Buckinghamshire University. I am a very keen healthy eating advocate, love cooking and sharing on instagram and I am very big into boxing, weight lifting, yoga and general high levels of fitness, and believe there is a direct link between stress management and physical resilience. I have also totally changed my life over the past few years and have managed to get rid of all the negativity, and totally take control and now encourage my patients how to do the same; and this includes ditching bad jobs, toxic friendships/relationships and learning to self-parent and ultimately self-care. I have two wonderful dogs- twin sausage dogs called Layla & Floyd who come to my clinic with me each day and I absolutely adore them and am also a lover of nature and beautiful gardens.

In the last 4 years, I have also lost my father to Parkinson's and camas well as three aunties to other illnesses and campaign for better support for families dealing with the stress of looking after family members with no support.

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  • Consultant Counselling Psychologist & Registered Expert Witness
  • Stress, relationships, anger, addictions, personality disorders, sexuality
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