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Dr Siddig is a specialist doctor in Women’s Health. She has over 12 years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the NHS.
She strives to combine her clinical experience and her passion for global health to address and improve women’s health globally.
Dr Siddig is an active and passionate Anti-FGM supporter. She is a spokesperson for the Government’s ‘Let’s Protect our Girls’ FGM campaign across several mass media and social media platforms across the UK. She has led and participated as a speaker, panellist, workshop facilitator and educator for organisations such as BBC, Amnesty International, Forward UK, Vox Africa, Islam Channel.
Her role as Forensic Medical Examiner with the Haven’s at King’s College Hospital highlights her familiarity and understanding of complex social, cultural and gender issues.
She is also a global health advocate with a strong focus on women’s health, and a keen interest in health system strengthening and health promotion in low and middle income countries. She is a current MSc student in Global Health Policy at LSHTM.

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