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A lifelong lover of all creatures great and small, Dr Jo Lewis BSc BVMS (Hons) MRCVS has a particular passion for understanding how cats see the world and she wants to make it a better place for them. Jo is a cat expert author and award-winning feline veterinarian, so is more than just a little keen on cats - she's committed her whole career to them.

Everything Jo does is about helping people, including vets, to better understand what cats need and want so that they can make their lives together longer, happier and healthier. She founded The Cat Vet, to change the way cats experience veterinary care and started the UK's very first home visiting vet clinic dedicated entirely to cats.

Jo's #ThinkLikeACat project then turned to writing her book for DK, Penguin Random House, and in October 2021, What's My Cat Thinking? was released. She is currently working on The Cat Vet's online course academy so that she can share her knowledge and experience beyond the clinic.

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