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Dr Karla H Benske is a fully ICF accredited transformational coach, facilitator and consultant on inclusion and diversity.

Before starting her own business, she worked as a lecturer in learning innovation and academic development in higher education for many years. Her expertise ranges from Widening Participation, transition pedagogy, inclusion, diversity to unconscious bias. In her work she combines her pedagogical knowledge with her coaching approach, creating spaces for deep and sustainable learning. This approach supports a long-term view of transformation and change and counters any quick fixes and/or a ‘one size fits all’ mindset.

Karla grew up in Germany and moved to Scotland over twenty years ago to study for a PhD in Scottish Literature. Her PhD research focused on the dilemma of conflicting loyalties and was interdisciplinary, incorporating philosophy and sociology alongside literary studies.
Her passion for social justice stems from a lived experience that saw her face social deprivation after the divorce of her parents. Since secondary school she has engaged as a volunteer in various projects that supported socially disadvantaged people and children. For this engagement, she secured a scholarship that allowed her to go to university as the first in her family. Whilst it covered some costs, she still had to work her way through higher education, following her goal of gaining a university degree, followed by a PhD. Her life experience has taught her the challenges, but also the value of being different, something she still advocates and supports to this day. She believes in communicating with, and listening to, each other in order to overcome barriers as well as understanding and acknowledging differences in points of view.


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