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Dr Luisa Perrino is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology as well as Addiction Studies at the University of West London.

Her PhD was conducted on socio-cognitive factors (motives and expectancies) which inform decision making regarding drinking and abstaining from alcohol. Recently, she has worked on research regarding the use of Positive Behavioural Support Planning (PBSPs) for patients with complex mental health in order to reduce restrictive practice in forensic settings.

She has published research with a team that is looking at initial validation of the use of PBSPs in West London Mental Health Trust. Two researches that are currently being collected for consist of the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) by individuals with Mental Distress and Fibromyalgia (Survey;; and Psychological factors that affect presence and transition into and out of virtual reality: An explorative mixed methods study (experiment).

Publications include:

Milani, R. M., & Perrino, L. (2021). Alcohol and mental health: co-occurring alcohol use and mental health disorders. In The Handbook of Alcohol Use (pp. 81-106). Academic Press.

Milani, R. M., Nahar, K., Ware, D., Butler, A., Roush, S., Smith, D., ... & O’Donnell, J. (2020). A qualitative longitudinal study of the first UK Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (DDA), an integrated peer-support programme for concurrent disorders. Advances in Dual Diagnosis.

Clark, L. L., Lekkai, F., Murphy, A., Perrino, L., Bapir‐Tardy, S., & Barley, E. A. (2020). The use of positive behaviour support plans in mental health inpatient care: A mixed methods study. Journal of psychiatric and mental health nursing, 27(2), 140-150.

Perrino, L. (2017). An exploration of cross-national differences in the drinking behaviour of Italians and English: A multi-method exploratory study (Doctoral dissertation, University of West London).

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  • Psychologist (specialist in addiction and mental health; dual diagnosis)
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