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Nick Brooks is a climate change researcher and consultant with a background in climate science. His research focuses on how societies respond and adapt to rapid and severe climatic and environmental change. This work looks at how people responded to such changes in the past, and what this can tell us about current and potential future adaptation to climate change. Nick also runs Garama 3C Ltd, a small consulting firm that works with governments, research bodies, international agencies and the private sector to develop adaptation responses to the climate crisis and deliver climate change training. Much of Nick's work focuses on Africa, and he has conducted extensive geoarchaeological fieldwork in North Africa, including southern Libya and the disputed, non-self governing territory of Western Sahara. Nick has a PhD in climate science from the University of East Anglia and has published widely on the subject of adaptation, including the role 0f climate change in the emergence of the world's earliest civilisations.

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  • Climate change researcher & consultant (adaptation)
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