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Who’s got the power?® If I can change my thinking, I can change my behaviour and my life. I did not know it at the time, of course, however, I am now very much aware that the transformative breakthrough in my life, which started my interest in exploring universal truths and advancing human potential began, when, in January of 1970, I started training in and totally committed myself to accepting and valuing all of the imposed rigors and arduous mental, emotional and exacting physical demands, pertaining to the traditional Chojun Miyagi and Gogen Yamaguchi martial art of Goju (HardSoft) style of Karate-Do (the way of the empty hand). Had I not started my Goju Karate training, I would not have become an Australian sports karate champion; I would not have commenced my secondary night school studies; I would not have undertaken all of my tertiary studies (which now includes my brain-based cognitive neuroscience PhD, my three Master of Education degrees (Education; Guidance and Counselling; Leadership and Management); my two Bachelor Degrees (Physical Education; Psychology); and my five Postgraduate awards (Education; Sports Science; Exercise and Sports Sciences; Health Counselling; Communication Studies). If not for my commitment to my Goju Karate training I would not have entered the teaching profession, I would not have authored my book Responsibility Theory®; I would not have become an adjunct university lecturer in the School of Education and the Arts at CQUniversity. All of these interests and achievements have one thing in common. They are all based on the universal truth that nothing can be achieved without motivation, discipline, dedication, determination, perseverance and resilience. These universal truths is what leads to advancing human potential. It’s all well-and-good to think and dream, what is more important is to ask yourself the question: How? How am I going to achieve my dream? A combination of all my experiences is what led me answering the question: How am I going to achieve my dream? Basically, as noted already, it's all about commitment and working hard. The writing of Responsibility Theory® is about this process of commitment and working hard. Responsibility Theory® is now one of the prescribed text books pertaining to classroom behaviour management. The application of Responsibility Theory®’ has not only seen positive changes taking place in classrooms, both at the Primary and Secondary level, Responsibility Theory ® also helps to achieve the following: reducing conflict; increasing student self-directed learning; advancing and achieving academic and social potential; successfully dealing with bullying and cyberbullying; learning how to deal with negative life choices; learning how to not make negative choices. Responsibility Theory® is a program not only for schools, but it brings value to any group, organisation, or corporation that is interested in advancing potential and is willing to embrace the power of personal responsibility and the impact choices have on life. At the end of each presentation I always ask this question: Who’s got the power?® And from the knowledge gained, through the RT program, there is only one answer. And with that answer now ringing in your ear, and firmly formulated in your mind, you will be able to change your thinking, your behaviour and your life.

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  • Neuroscientist, Author,Responsibility Theory®
  • Neuroscientist, Author, Responsibility Theory