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Elaine Ball (43) is the Business & Marketing Evangelist for the global geospatial industry and the owner of Elaine Ball Ltd (EBL), a groundbreaking marketing consultancy. 

Following a private education at Singapore’s United World College and then Queen Ethelburga’s in York, Elaine decided to pursue an equestrian career. Her passion for horses and skill for showjumping eventing led her to undergo three months working in a Texan dude ranch before joining an eventer’s yard back in England. Her one-week trial was enough to realise that horses would be best kept as a hobby, and Elaine returned to Aberdeen to attend Pitman College and begin her career temping for oil companies.

Upon completion of her course, she went to work for her father’s global company Measurement Devices Limited (MDL), starting as a marketing assistant. She tried a variety of positions within the organisation, eventually joining the sales department in 2001, the same year she enrolled at Robert Gordon University to take a four-year degree in business studies. By the age of 24, Elaine had risen through the ranks at MDL, taking the position of Marketing Director. At that point, the company had grown to include three global offices and 40 staff members.

By 2007, Elaine had relocated from Aberdeen to York, and had become joint MD - at the age of 27. Recession had hit, the company turnover had dropped 30%, and Elaine was facing an uphill battle as the young female MD of a board of five white men in their sixties.

Elaine suffered from a crisis of confidence and debilitating limiting beliefs, so she hired a business coach to help her through. She didn’t feel ready for the position of MD, but her father told her “you’ll either sink or swim”, and Elaine chose to swim. She joined the Institute of Directors and underwent a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) diploma, as well as continuing with her business mentor and NLP coach to remove her limiting beliefs.

Elaine had tremendous success with this approach and chose to put her entire management team through an NLP training as a result. She was able to grow the global workforce to 120 staff members, and increase the percentage of women from 25% to 50% by the time the company was sold to Renishaw in 2013.

Immediately upon leaving, Elaine invested her £60,000 savings into launching Elaine Ball Ltd, the go-to marketing consultancy for the global Geospatial Industry. Elaine hired ex-MDL colleagues, registered for VAT and as a limited company, and hasn’t looked back. The company currently has six employees and four full-time sub-contractors , and is undergoing a period of rapid expansion with the launch of their Get Kids into Survey recruitment campaign, and the all-new global Geospatial Marketing Academy.

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  • Founder and CEO of Elaine Ball Ltd, Founder of Get Kids into Survey, Yorkshire Businesswoman, Equestrienne, and the World’s First Geospatial Marketer
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