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Elisabeth runs Cell Regeneration, a business servicing physiotherapy clinics around the UK. it is the sole, dedicated UK importer of MBST machines; a non-invasive therapy that restores and rejuvenates cells.

Elisabeth set up the business (which was a big career change for her, formerly working in media) after her dear friend and ex-boyfriend were murdered in Miami - it was her wake-up call if you like.

She also co-founded a charity in their name and has participated in many fundraising events personally. The business also makes substantial donations to help young people facing difficult upbringings or circumstances to forge a better path for themselves, primarily through sport.

Changing lives
Through her company Cell Regeneration she (along with her brother Charles and mother Ann) has helped people to walk again who have been facing extreme surgery and have been on painkillers for years. Her day to day is always different and pretty fascinating! From enabling grandparents to play with their grandchildren and helping elite athletes to play sport again, to helping a showjumper AND her horse recover from injuries, the technology and impact MBST provides is incredible.

Sporting heroes
Liz and her team treat many famous sports people including Johnny Nelson, champion boxer, as MBST is world-renowned for helping to heal sporting injuries as well as musculoskeletal issues without the need for invasive surgery.

About Cell Regeneration:
Cell Regeneration is the sole UK importer of MBST machines; a non-invasive therapy that restores and rejuvenates cells. It distributes the machines throughout the UK via health professionals and professional sports clubs.

Based in Tinwell, Rutland, Cell Regeneration was established in 2011 by sibling partnership Charles and Elisabeth Clare. Having witnessed the incredible success of MBST for a number of years through their mother's physiotherapy practice, they wanted to share their passion for the revolutionary technology and make it available to people all across the UK.

2021 marks a decade since the company launched, in that time Cell Regeneration has created a flagship physiotherapy clinic providing MBST in Rutland and expanded their community of MBST health professionals to include nine additional facilities across England, including two brand new clinics for 2021 - Cheltenham and prestigious Harley Street, with more in the pipeline.

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-        Physical wellness, musculoskeletal health, joint pain, MBST therapy, physiotherapy
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-        Veganism (a personal view),
-        The back story (which is very emotive and linked to the murder of Founder, Elisabeth’s dear friends)
-        Charitable giving
-        Young entrepreneurs - the Founders started the business when they were 23 and 25 - and more

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