Expert Biography

Emily is an Australian living in Sweden. She is a thought leader in the future of work space who helps organisations build better foundations for growth by applying strategies from the emerging field of Human Experience Management.

By embedding human-centric design into organisational structure and processes, businesses can achieve greater profitability, productivity and alignment to purpose.

Emily brings together observations from more than 20 industries which cover topics such as workplace culture, risk during periods of growth, and marketing communications, and is a certified trainer and team dynamics facilitator.

Emily applies tools and strategies from this unusual background to think critically about how to make the systems around us actually make sense for who we are in the here and now. Her vision is for a future where no system causes harm. Her current focus is on the workplace, because better workplaces can elevate everyone who comes into contact with them to be better overall human beings and help accelerate change for good. She is an avid traveller and foodie, a mother and a cat lover with a mild addiction to spreadsheets and a habit of inventing wild metaphors. Interview Topics:

  • Human Experience Management
  • The future of work
  • Why Post-COVID is the perfect foundation for change.
  • On training, development and workplace culture
  • Why Marketing & HR should work together
  • Team dynamics for increased productivity, better retention and reducing burnout
  • Breaking down legacy systems
  • The future global citizen
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  • Human Experience Architect
  • Human experience management, workplace culture