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Frank Creighton is Director of Business Development heading up Appreciate Business Services – the home of Love2shop.  Appreciate Business Services works with tens of thousands of businesses to motivate and engage employees and incentivise customers. With our products – notably Love2shop – and our SaaS solutions, we build reward programmes and we support our clients’ solutions to help them grow their business. Frank can talk expertly about: How businesses can rebuild after the pandemic by elevating their rewards/incentives programmes. Motivating staff - boosting morale, incentivising and recognition in the work place and in business. Gift cards, vouchers - industry opinion and expertise comment/statements. Frank is a confident public speaker and has a great reputation with the broadcast media as a commentator/guest - he recently appeared on Times Radio discussing a YouGov poll commissioned by Appreciate, home of Love2shop. Data/research - the Appreciate Group regularly produce polls, studies and research - contact me for further information.    

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  • Director - Appreciate Group - Employee/customer incentives/motivation & rewards
  • Business, motivation, rewards, incentives