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Gary Colman is a GP who works in specialist practice for homeless patients in inner-city London.  He designed the ‘Targeted GP Outreach’ programme which has seen an increase in the life expectancy of homeless patients from 47yrs to 54yrs (whilst the national average age of death of homeless people fell from 47yrs down to 44yrs). He talks about Targeted GP Outreach at International Health Symposiums. He is winner of The London Homelessness Award, and is finalist in British Medical Journal Award (GP) for his work with homeless patients. Gary travels London on his bicycle and treats his patients in hostels or on the streets.

article in Pulse

Article in Evening Standard



Prior to working with homeless patients he was a doctor in the British Army and  commanded a medical team supporting UK Special Forces.


Gary now works as a stand-up comedian “Fearlessly funny… the best dead-pan comedian since Jack Dee, no wonder Frank Skinner is a fan” -GQ

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