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I am a researcher, writer and academic in the field of Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture. My focus is avant-garde writing and feminisms. My work explores the socio-political importance of literary experiment and the way in which the arts and humanities can be used as activist tools to positively change the world in which we live and campaign for social justice and human rights. I have published widely on the work of modern and contemporary avant-garde writing, in particular Kathy Acker, including my book Kathy Acker: Writing the Impossible (Edinburgh University Press, 2016). I am the editor of Reading Experimental Writing (Edinburgh University Press, 2019). I am the Editor of two book series Edinburgh Critical Studies in Avant-Garde Writing and Edinburgh Foundations in Avant-Garde Writing, for Edinburgh University Press. I also work on the aesthetic politics of contemporary small presses and their significance to the contemporary literary landscape. I am the co-editor of The Contemporary Small Press: Making Publishing Visible (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020). My feminist projects look at social violence against women and girls. My projects include Violence Against Women: Voice and Representation and the British Academy/Leverhulme funded project Violence Against Women: Asylum, Voice and TestimonyI am currently editing a book related to the latter project that brings together NGOs, activists, women advocates in the field of violence against women academics and policy makers to discuss the critical questions surrounding the impediments women asylum seekers experience when relaying their narratives that involve gender-based violence. I am currently working on a book that brings the strands of my research together titled Forms of Solidarity: Feminist Avant-Garde Writing in the Twenty-first Century. I regularly speak about my research at public events at public institutions including the ICA, Somerset House, Swedenborg Hall, and the Photographer's Gallery, among others. I have written articles on avant-garde writing for the Times Literary Supplement and the Los Angeles Review of Books. I am an experienced commentator and guest expert. I have appeared on podcasts for the BBC and the Times Literary Supplement to talk about my research on Acker. I have also appeared as a guest interviewee talking about my expertise on contemporary small presses for the BBC World Service.

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  • University Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture
  • Avant-Garde Writing, Social Violence Against Women, Feminisms, Small Presses
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