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Georgina is a former teacher/SENDCO (head of Special Educational Needs).

She has a BSc in Medical Sciences, PGCE with QTS, NASENCO Qualification and Post Graduate Diploma in Inclusion and Vulnerable Learners.

She has her own private tutoring company for children with Special Educational Needs and is the founder of The SEN Resources Blog which is one of the most popular SEN blogs in the U.K.

She is a published author for Jessica Kingsley Publishers, her book ‘100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play’ is out in June and is a collection of play based learning activities for young children with Special Educational Needs.

She is a huge advocate for the importance of learning through Play.

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  • Tutor for children with Special Educational Needs , Education/parenting Author. Former Teacher. Founder of The SEN Resources Blog.
  • Education, Special Educational Needs, Parenting.