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I am a London based Counselling Psychotherapist, and was born and raised in South London, United Kingdom. I completed my Masters in Counselling which was underpinned with clinical Psychology understandings from Greenwich, England in 2014, and have a number of other qualifications and certificates in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. I am an accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist with BACP.

Over the years, I have developed a unique combination of interpersonal psychoanalysis, mind-body stimulation and cognitive behavioral techniques, which helps me to understand my patients in an elaborate manner.

I have extensive experience working within the NHS providing counselling services to hospital staff and running a IAPT (Improving Assess to Psychological Treatment) service. I am currently run a Domestic Abuse Services department in a leading Charity in South London as well as private practise.  I have also been working within local communities as a counsellor helping a wide genre of people from different walks of life.

Over my years of practice I have covered working with clients on both short term and long term plans depending on clients needs, on average clients spend around 6 – 12 sessions but some require longer term counselling. I have worked extensively on the understanding of the ‘Self’, I have spent a number of years researching on human behaviour and understanding phenomena’s such as Depression, Anxiety and low self-esteem. Most of my client work will touch on these elements in some shape or form.

I offer a confidential, non-judgmental and empathetic approach to enable you to feel safe and comfortable enough to talk about yourself and explore the difficulties that you are experiencing. I am here to support you understanding yourself, the problems you are facing and help make those positive changes in your life.

My approach towards treating my patients is a combination of psychological and counselling, which collectively helps in bringing that much needed mental and physical balance, irrespective of what kind of psychological issues you are facing. I aim to revive my clients from the current positions in their lives, and channelising their negative energy to its way out in a well-coordinated manner. It helps bring in the much needed harmony in the lives, and infuses positivity.

Clients consult me about a wide range of life issues.  I work with individual(s) and at times and place(s) that suit. Weekly sessions tend to be 50 minutes per session. Sessions can be face-to-face, telephone or video calls. These sessions are helpful to develop a working relationship and maintain sufficient momentum along the journey.  I am open to the possibility that on-going work maybe required and I conduct regular reviews to check on where we are in therapy and future planning.

I adhere to the code of ethics of the BACP. I am also fluent in many Asian languages and can counselling people in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.

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