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About Henry Davis:

Henry Davis has completed 100s of property investment transactions and has completed just about every type of deal that you can in the world of property development.

He is a regular in the UK media having appeared on national TV, radio and contributed guest columns and comment for top newspapers, including The Times.

His book - "The Truth About Property" is out now (February 2022) and has been called the 'property buyer's bible'.

He is the MD of Genii Developments and owner of 'We Buy Any House Liverpool'. He has vast, credible experience as a property trader and developer, and more recently, has been focussed on the HMO market.

Davis is a respected figure in the industry and presents one of the most popular training courses in the UK - 'The Key to Property Investment’ on behalf of the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) – the UK's largest membership organisation for private residential landlords.

Notably, over the last 34 years, he has experienced two major recessions and has now developed property hedging strategies to cope with the inevitable downturns of the market.


TV/radio - in-person (London/North West), video/phone and comment/quote  submissions


Property, housing, investment, contractors, first-time buyer issues.

Henry is available to comment on general UK business, economics and finance stories too.

How to solve the housing crisis? Henry believes he has the solution to the property crisis and can detail the steps to solve it.

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