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Hilary is a straight-talking personal and business coach for coaches, high achievers, and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make significant changes in their lives or start and grow an online business.

Hilary had aggressive breast cancer 10 years ago. As she sat in the chair in front of the mirror in the barber's having her head shaved because of hair loss due to chemo she vowed one day she would live a life she was passionate about. It took her 10 years to escape the 9-5 as she had children, bills, and a mortgage and put her own dreams aside.  She trained as an ICF coach and is finally finding her passion for life again.

Hilary has 20+ years experience working with and alongside 7 figure founder company owners and uses this experience to help clients achieve success, whatever that may be for them.

Many of Hilary’s clients have nailed their marketing strategy, grown and scaled their businesses, become motivated in their businesses and life again, and have gained the confidence and self-belief to make a life change.

Hilary arms entrepreneurs with the right mindset to get them unstuck in their life or business giving them new motivation and outside the box inspiration.

Hilary’s passion is to empower women over 45 to unlock their potential and move their lives forward from a place of being stuck to living a life on their terms doing what they love. Hilary’s superpower is helping women find the missing pieces of the puzzle to move forward.

Hilary will gently champion you, be your greatest cheerleader, guide you and motivate you to make a significant change and take action.

Hilary’s expertise combines coaching with her knowledge of tech and marketing. Hilary is a qualified ICF ACC coach.  She helps professionals to work through what is holding them back so they can make the seemingly impossible possible.

Hilary is married, wife to one, mum of two, a cancer survivor, passionate about the environment, a vegetarian, loves travel and makes a mean curry.

I can talk about how I help women who feel stuck in their 9-5, women who want more freedom to spend time with their children, women who want to get their mojo back, or women who have had an illness and decided they need to make a change and want to start an online business, women who have a passion for something and want to use what they know to have a business online but don’t know where to start.

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