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Jack Millington is the founder of Billy Tannery, the UK's first micro-tannery and goat leather goods brand. He studied at the University of Leeds before beginning a career in marketing, producing global campaigns for Disney, Marvel and Duracell.

Jack grew up on a farm in Leicestershire so has always had a strong link to the countryside, so when in 2014 he discovered that nearly every single goat hide from UK farms was going to waste - he decided to do something. His marketing background brings a fresh perspective to an industry that has been in steady decline in the UK.

Today Billy Tannery is a pioneering British leather brand on a mission to make you think differently about leather. Billy Tannery's range of luxury leather goods is made in UK workshops from the low-impact goat leather tanned in small batches on the farm.

Sustainability, Craft, Luxury, Leather

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  • Co-Founder of Billy Tannery
  • Sustainability, Craft, Luxury, Leather
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