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James Burns grew up with Star Wars and LEGO and never grew out of them.  He turned his passions to his advantage, starting the hugely successful fan site Jedi News and becoming a brand ambassador for LEGO.  He works closely with Lucasfilm and their licensees, and The LEGO Group in the UK, Denmark and the USA, consulting on product lines.  He has written for publications including Star Wars Insider (the official Star Wars magazine), (the official website), Building the Millennium Falcon (a part-work which added to the Star Wars canon) Guinness World Records amongst other.  He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, and has contributed to many newspaper articles all over the world.  He has a vast knowledge of all things Star Wars, from the original films to the current era, and also the Legends (expanded universe).

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  • 07971270948
  • Director of Jump Ahead Media Ltd, founder of Jedi News Network
  • Star Wars, LEGO