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Jan P. de Jonge is a business psychologist who has consulted with many of the most well-known companies in UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia, from high-street banking to pharmaceutical, from FMCG to airlines and hospitality. The consultancy People Business Psychology Ltd.® he founded in 2012 uses research-based approaches to develop people and organisations, to make them more competitive, developing excellence in leaders and professionals, assessing and developing their personality, entrepreneurial potential, leadership style and emotional intelligence.


People Business Psychology Ltd.® offers many decades of combined experience helping countless organisations to select the best people from recruitment shortlists. It develops excellence in leaders, by providing best-in-class development programmes. For FTSE100 to SMEs, based in the UK and abroad, it measures personality, entrepreneurial potential, leadership style and emotional intelligence - and develops these. It enables clients to enhance their business and people performance.


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  • Business psychologist, founder of People Business Psychology Ltd.
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