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Jason Connolly is a successful and award-winning entrepreneur and is considered one of the UK's best and most well respected legal recruiters.

Jason founded JMC Legal Recruitment in November 2016 and has grown the company to become the UK's leading legal recruiter that ranks #1 on Google. The company recruits top-level Lawyers for law firms of all sizes, including the Magic Circle & Silver Circle. Throughout his recruitment career, Jason has been instrumental in moving large teams between firms; these moves often attract industry media attention.

Jason background story;

Jason was born in 1987 and grew up in London, he attended one of the five worst-performing comprehensive schools of the day.

Jason was bullied in school for being gay. He left school at 16 with only a few GCSEs. Throughout his teenage years Jason's was very passionate about performing magic; he would regularly contact local newspapers journalists round to assist him in obtaining bookings. Jason would busk anywhere he possibly could. One year after leaving school at the age of 17, Jason was signed up to an entertainment agency and travelled around the country performing at corporate events. Jason would later go on to audition and become part of a prestigious Magic Circle in London; where he would win many magic competitions; it was then that Jason landed a gig in smaller Las Vegas hotel where he performed for three months.

At 19 years old, Jason joined Virgin Atlantic, initially working as Heathrow Operations, before becoming Cabin Crew. Jason flew long haul for the airline; it was here that Jason began to accept his sexuality.

At 24 years old, Jason joined the Metropolitan Police as a Police Officer. He worked in several different departments whilst at the Met. Jason experienced bullying at the Metropolitan Police for being gay, which led to Jason taking the Metropolitan Police to employment tribunal.

Being a victim of domestic violence in his mid-twenties. Domestic violence is a topic close to Jason's heart following his personal experiences.

Jason entered the recruitment industry at the age of 26. He was self-taught and spent over a year researching communication, negotiation, psycology, emotional intelligence and the legal sector. Through this self-investment, Jason became one of the biggest billing recruiters Globally, generating revenue of over £1.2million pa.

Jason founded JMC Legal Recruitment in 2016 at the age of 28 years old. He did this with just the savings in his bank with not a penny borrowed. Growing the company to become the UK's leading legal recruiter that ranks #1 on Google, with a multi-million turnover. Jason has built a close relationship with The Law Society of England and Wales; he regularly speaks at seminars, conferences, and universities.

A couple of years into running the business, Jason suffered from Psychosis. Mental health is another subject close to Jason's heart and he does a lot of work to raise awareness of mental health issues and stigma.

Over the last couple of years, Jason has been interviewed by; Bloomberg, Law Gazette, ITV News, Channel 4 News, Sky News, BBC radio, Insider magazine, Modern law magazine, Bristol post.

In August 2020, during the Corona Virus lockdown; Jason started the Career Success Podcast.

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