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I’m an educator, mentor & advocate who is passionate about what I do. I support families in getting better sleep using strategies that align with their responsive parenting goals. I am actively fighting the perception that parents need to leave their children to cry in order for them to sleep better. My qualifications & certifications include: *Qualified to support sleep for newborn up to 6 years old *Qualified Infant Massage Instructor *Training in post-natal mental health *Qualified in potty training support *Qualified in weaning support *Qualified in developmental play for younger babies I have lived & breathed many of the challenges the mums who come to my groups are going through. I’m not just someone who preaches – I have experienced it personally which gives me a completely compassionate & empathetic insight into what others are going through. Rather than spouting textbook information, I can truly empathise with how they feel. I'm different to other parenting businesses, in that I find lots of them run on toxic positivity – it’s very much ‘enjoy every moment’, ‘feel the love’, – but this serves no one because actually it’s totally normal not to feel always that way! I’m realistic, pragmatic & open. Being transparent & honest about the challenges I’ve found such as post-natal depression, the fact that I’m not perfect myself enables me to provide completely non-judgemental support & separates me from the norm. I also like to deliver my support with healthy dose of humour to lighten it all up.

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  • Paediatric Sleep Consultant and Advocate for Responsive Parenting
  • children's sleep, infant development, responsive parenting
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