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Vedic Meditation changed my life. As a young C-suite executive, I was feeling the effects of long hours, non-stop travel, and high levels of stress. As I rapidly headed towards burnout I learned to meditate and incorporated it into my daily routine.


It was a game-changer - very quickly I felt more energized, healthier, and more focused. Finally, I was no longer at the mercy of jetlag. Rather than another thing on my to-do list, meditation was something I looked forward to and it was easy! After a number of years, I was inspired to change track and become a meditation teacher. I wanted to help others discover how to be calmer, more engaged, more effective, and happier.


In addition to teaching, I speak to groups about stress, mental health, and the impact of becoming more mindful in their daily lives. I also work one-on-one with students, mentoring them on Ayurveda, personal leadership, and well-being.


My first book, "Why Meditate? Because it Works." is out now. These days meditation is much more popular however there’s a lot of confusion about how it works. I wrote this book to explain what meditation is, and most importantly, what it will do for you. I clear up the common misunderstandings and explore the science and benefits of meditation in a straightforward and easy way. Beautiful illustrations, real-life stories from students, and simple starter tips weave together to form a foundation to truly understand meditation and inspire you to seek a practice of your own.


Specialisms: Meditation, Ayurveda, Mental Health, Women's health

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