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I am a passionate advocate for the power of social & emotional competence in young people, with particular knowledge of the human brain.

My strength is making this accessible, relevant & easy‐to‐understand, in a really actionable way, and I founded Well Within Reach because I know that it is so often the small changes; in our interactions, exchanges and relationships; with children, young people & vulnerable adults-can have a profound and life-changing impact on the people they become.

As a trainer, speaker, evaluator and consultant, I work with both practitioners and parents, explaining how to unlock cognitive, social & emotional strength, and helping to make sense of the difficulties such as learning, social skills, relationships, resilience, wellbeing and self-esteem.

I also believe that young people need to be at the heart of their own mental health and have developed a range of creative resources to enable educators, support workers and parents to meaningfully and safely explore subjects such as stress, anger, friendships, social media and how their brains work.

Ultimately, my purpose is to empower both professionals and parents to most effectively use whatever resources they have to nurture personal growth in the children & adults they live and work with, ‘from the inside out’.

Trainer & consultant in childhood brain development, social & emotional skills and wellbeing, and parenting professional

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  • Trainer & consultant in childhood brain development
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