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Jodie is the founder and CEO of Self Space, a contemporary mental health service that provides individuals & global brands comprehensive Mental Health support, from strategy through to delivery, including therapy for employees. There are currently four Self Space locations and a virtual offering with a mission to have a branch on every High Street. Jodie heads up the team of 40 psychotherapists and has her own clinical client base.

Aa a therapist with over 16 years experience and a Tavistock trained Executive Coach Jodie has a direct and dynamic approach to her practice and a deeply empathetic, approachable manner to the way she works. Jodie believes in solving genuine problems with innovative solutions, understanding human behaviours and real life challenges to pave a way forward for change. She is dedicated to growing awareness and raising the profile of mental health and in supporting individuals, groups and companies to be the best version of themselves.

Beginning her career as a children's TV presenter Jodie continued her academic training some years later to train as a therapist, teaming her some years later to train as a therapist, teaming her therapeutic work for The Learning Trust Specialist Intervention Team with a private therapeutic practice and corporate consultancy, working with leading global and creative agencies to develop models that promote social and cultural change. Jodie believes her role in the Mental Health space is to support and illuminate a journey towards reaching full potential, helping individuals and the collective. Jodie speaks on podcasts with Reggie Yates and Laura Whitmore, radio and TV broadcasts and comments on a range of mental health topics across the editorial landscape. Jodie is also the founder of Cariss Creative which supports good mental health within the education sector with a particular focus on marginalised young people. Jodie is also writing a book that will be published by Penguin in 2022.

Specialisms: Therapy, Psychology, Mental Health, Mental Health Author, Womens Mental Health, Teenage Mental Health, Mens Mental Health, Creative Industries and Mental Health, Relationships, Attachment Theory, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Spending, Overwhelm, Burnout, Parenting, Wellness, Sleep,

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  • Therapist, Executive Coach and founder of Self Space. MA, HCPC, BADth, TIHR
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