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Joseph Howes is the CEO of the Child’s grant-giving charity Buttle UK.

He is first and foremost a child poverty expert and thought leader on the subject.  He often appears on TV and radio talking about the impact of the pandemic on child poverty and what the creative solutions are to give all children a level playing field.  His hot topics are the digital divide, the inequality gap, children’s mental health and estranged young people.

He has a wealth of experience supporting the homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged. Because Buttle operates at the coal face of child poverty Joseph has a unique insight into what it is really like for the most vulnerable children living in poverty.   He has a good understanding of what the multiple needs of vulnerable children and young people have.

Buttle UK is a charity dedicated to helping children and young people who are in crisis reach their potential by providing small but targeted and effective interventions.

The charity provided 13,500 grants to individuals worth £4.6m in 2017/18, preventing them from falling further into crisis and helping them to transform their lives.  This compares to 10,300 grants in 2016/17 at a value of £3.9m.

Whether Buttle UK gives a bed to a child who has become used to sleeping on the floor, counselling to a young boy who has fled an abusive home with his mother or a laptop to support a homeless teenager begin their first college course, their direct, efficient and intelligent grants are always focused on the needs of the individual.

Applications for funding are received through a unique network of around 4,000 organisations that are working directly with the young people and families (e.g., local authorities, housing associations and other charities).  These organisations ensure we are getting the funds to those that need them most, and through them, we can ensure appropriate due diligence on the spend of the funds themselves.

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